What is the Échappées Nature?


The department of Charente-Maritime boasts some truly remarkable areas of outstanding beauty, named espaces naturels remarquables both in terms of the landscape and their biodiversity. The department works in close partnership with local councils as well as environmental associations to preserve these areas and thanks to a rich and varied programme of events and outings, give you a unique opportunity to discover them. These sensitive natural areas, called Échappées Nature, receive visitors all year round. There are 14 centres on sites that welcome visitors and organise events to bring you closer to the natural world: nature workshops, guided visits, original twilight outings…


Échappées Nature sites offer a variety of ways in which you can appreciate raw nature (always with respect to the environment) that include the animals, the plant life, birds, waters, trees…

A label assuring quality, granted by the departement of Charente-Maritime.

Logo-ENS-e1579532641128The network of Échappées Nature sites comprised of protected natural sites that are open to the public for visiting, is spread over the department of Charente-Maritime. This original initiative was launched in 1995 by the regional council of Charente-Maritime, in close partnership with local councils and local associations.

The label Échappées Nature guarantees the quality of these 14 sites, their access to the general public and a programme of awareness raising events related to the natural world.

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